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  • South Korea South Korea
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  • A characteristic of the bright blast glass bead is that it allows cleaningand deburning of the critically endurable part without removi ng any basic metal. As a result, Critical endurance is maintained.


  • Heat treated so that abrasion resistance is maintained, does not break even if shock is applied
  • Produced with components not harnful to the human body
  • Gravimeter scale-2.45-2.50
  • Color-crystal
  • Hardness (Mon Scale-5.5)


  • Thin stainless panel treatment, suport precise electronic circuit plate, surface treatment of food-related products, detailed gold mold cleaning, etc..

Quality Control

  • Blast-O-Lite Glass Beads meet MIL G9954A specifications for hardness, uniformity of size, roundness, and quality of glass and packaging. This mesan you are assured of the highest quality with
    an absolute minimum amount of broken beads, plus low breaking in use. This adds up to lower cost per job.

Customer service

  • If you have questions about the use of glass beads, there are two good sources of help. One is your distributor. There are more than 100 of them nationwide. The second is the Blast-O-Lite
    Technical Service Center. They can save you time by telling you the right combination of bead size and pressure to give you the best results for any of your automotive applications.